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College of Nursing

Rewarding Curriculum

1-283302_2106623979069_482319_nThe College of Nursing was established in 2003, and has since established an impressive track record in the quality of students it has produced. The curriculum offered in its Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is unique in that it is ladderized to award students with credentials after successfully completing each year level.

Completed 1st Year – Certified Healthcare Assistant

Completed 2nd Year – Certified Caregiver

Completed 3rd Year – Certified Practical Nurse

Completed 4th Year – Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The credentials awarded after every year give proof that a student has demonstrated competence in the curriculum of the College of Nuring. This allows those who are not able to continue pursuing the four-year Bachelor’s degree to be immediately employable in the healthcare industry in in-demand, entry-level roles.

Providing Quality Education. Producing Quality Graduates.

The faculty of the College of Nursing have a stellar track record of educating their students. Most of the faculty understand the pressure the students face as they themselves have graduated from the College of Nursing and passed the Nurses Licensure Examination. Before becoming faculty members, they were provided with scholarships by Colegio de Sta. Lourdes to pursue their Masters of Arts in Nursing, after which they became faculty members at Colegio de Sta. Lourdes. Our faculty demonstrates its dedication daily by giving our students the preparation and hands-on training necessary to succeed in their future Nursing careers.

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